How to properly defrost the freezer

Perhaps you have the common situation: because of the layer of formed ice, it becomes increasingly difficult to push the freezer containers. At some point, you understand that it must be defrosted (if this does not take much time and effort). Today we will tell you useful tips on how to quickly get rid of ice in the freezer and store the products for the time of defrosting.

Is it necessary to defrost the freezer?

Before answering this question, let’s figure out why the ice is formed in the freezer. The blame for everything is the moisture that enters the device in two ways: when you are placing products and when the door is opened regularly. It gradually settles on the walls of the freezer and turns into ice, it complicates the advancement of containers with products. In addition, because of the formed ice, more electricity is required to maintain the set temperature in the freezer compartment. Therefore, the longer you do not defrost the refrigerator, the more electricity it consumes.

How often do you need to defrost the freezer?

To avoid the formation of a large layer of ice and maintain energy consumption at a low level, it is recommended that the best upright freezer be thawed once or twice a year. It is possible that defrosting should be done more often if there is a high level of humidity in the room. It is worth noting that regular repetition of this procedure will allow maintaining the optimal freezing capacity (the number of products in kilograms that the refrigerator is able to freeze per day).
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